Photos Added new stills for the impending Korean film

Photos Added new stills for the impending Korean film "Showdown"

Added new stills for the approaching Korean film "Showdown" (2016)Directed via Sin Dong-yeopWith Lee Joo-seung, Oh Ji-ho, Lee Jeong-jin, Sin Jeong-geun, Son Eun-seo, Kim Jin-yeop-I,...SynopsisPoong-ho is a true fighter and second-in-command gangster in additiona task seeker and a family nuisance at home. He has a brother named Kang-ho who is referred to as a 'die-hard detective'. One day, a homicide case happens and Kang-ho is answerable for it. A suspect named Jae-hee gets in touch amongst Kang-ho and the 2 get into a genuine fight. However, Kang-ho isn't anyfit for Jae-hee and falls into a coma. Poong-ho needs to take revenge on Jae-hee who put his one and best brother in a coma yet he knows he isn't eventide an inch of what Jae-hee is in terms of fighting. Poong-ho is even wear a restraining order for obsessively cornering Jae-hee as the suspect. Grinding his teeth, Poong-ho learns how to combat from Old Guy Hwang to take revenge on Jae-hee. Then to attract Jae-hee's attention, he presentations himself off to more than a few online shows, SNS and media. He uses the similar way that Jae-hee used to begin a fight with Kang-ho to issue him to a fight. Will Poong-ho prevail in taking revenge?Release date in Korea : 2016/09