5 Candy Reasons Why You Must Watch “Choco Bank”

5 Candy Reasons Why You Must Watch “Choco Bank”

5 Candy Reasons Why You Will have to Watch Choco Bankminjiya August 10, 2016 0 5 Sweet Reasons Why It's a must have to Watch Choco Bank Much to the pride of EXO-Ls (and non-EXO fans, too!), EXOs Kai made his professional acting debut in the internet drama Choco Bank this beyond winter. His character, Kim Eun Haeng, searches for a role in the monetary industry, whilst his love interest, Ha Cho Co (played via Park Eun Bin), tries to run a a success chocolate cafe.

Whats so wonderful about Choco Bank? In case this web drama slipped past your radar, here are some reasons why you'll wish totake a glance at information technology out!

Kais curler coaster of feelingsEXO-Ls are used to observing Kai slay the level equally a K-pop idol, yet Choco Bank provides him an opportunity to show off a wide spectrum of emotions via acting. You'll swoon as he smiles warmly at his costar Park Eun Bin

Smirk to yourself as Kim Eun Haeng pouts or acts annoyed, because his expression is beautiful much the similar as it's miles in genuinelifestyles when hes messing around with his fellow EXO members:

Oh, and just take a glance atno longer to feel heartbroken when deficient Eun Haeng cries some beautiful, frustrated tears:

The unemployment combat is realAny person who has ever continued a process hunt can relate to Kais personality Kim Eun Haeng, who has been trying to find a job for five years in spite of his amazing resume:

Adulting is tough and the genuineglobal is hard. I believeI might beready to safely talk for maximumfresh graduates/job-hunters/anyone who has ever faced unemployment when I say: Kim Eun Haeng, we feel you, bro.

You can be toldtreasured life courses Despite the reality that this web drama is short and sweet, it still delivers some vital life lessons about operatingviasophisticated times, navigating circle of relatives expectations, and chasing your dreams.

#identitycrisis #familyproblems Weve all been there

Dont give up, Ha Choco! Your success will alternate soon

and also review English grammarKim Eun Haeng now nothandiest gives economic advice; he let youprepare English as smartly (via cake, no less).

In all seriousness, though, its very sweet to observe Eun Haeng and Cho Co discover techniques toappreciateeach and every other (and like each one other, of course) as they paintingsin combinationto reach their goals.

Not to mention theyre so beautiful, it hurts

Everything in this drama is onlylovely AFFrom the sugary-sweet storyline to the cute chocolate cafe atmosphere to the utterly adorable primary couple, you simply cant lend a hand but smile as you watch this drama.

Raise your hand if youre super jelly of Park Eun Bin in this scene *raises hand*

What are you waiting for? Watch (or re-watch) the primary episode of Choco Bank here:

Soompiers, have you think Choco Bank? What did you like most about it?minjiya can generally existdiscovered writing in a cafe, blasting K-pop dance tunes to motivate herself through long runs outside, or plotting her break out from the midwest. Say hello/send her a gif on [email protected]

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