“Infinite Challenge” Takes At the World’s Scariest Slide For U.S. Episode

“Infinite Challenge” Takes At the World’s Scariest Slide For U.S. Episode

Infinite Situation Takes At the Worlds Scariest Slide For U.S. Episodechoralee August 9, 2016 0 Infinite Challenge Takes On The Worlds Scariest Slide For U.S. Episode The Limitless Challenge team recently took on some intense curler coasters.

During a prior episode, the contributors were tasked with the challenge of riding the worlds scariest roller coaster. So as to accomplish this, they set out for Los Angeles to checklist a special U.S. episode.

On the impending episode, the members ride the SkySlide, a slide made entirely out of glass. The slide is located on the 72nd ground of the tallest skyscraper in California.

The Infinite Challenge team also does a segment with GFRIEND, where they are trying to sing duets on a roller coaster with a 262-foot drop. Jung Joon Ha also attempts to eat spaghetti whilst riding a roller coaster, and uses 360 landscapepicturesto turn all angles of his experience. The roller coaster is one of 3 haunted-theme roller coasters in the world, and incorporates 4D effects.

The episode is decided to broadcast on August 13.

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