"Five Children" Seong Hoon and An Woo-yeon's brotherhood

There used to be a reason why for Seong Hoon's brotherhood with An Woo-yeon.

In the episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children" Seong Hoon (Kim Sang-min) comforted his brother An Woo-yeon (Kim Tae-min) who turned into heartbroken. However, when the cameras went off, he did notprevent being the older brother that he is.

In the picture, Seong Hoon is laying on An Woo-yeon's lap and reading his script or is tracking his paintings alongside him. They appear to be getting along very well.

Seong Hoon now nothandiestlooks after his brother in the drama yet in genuinelifestyles as well. The characters in the drama have led them to be excellentpalsat theoutdoor too.

Meanwhile, "Five Children" may also beobservedeach Saturday and Sunday at 7:55PM.