Spoiler "Monster" Park Ki-woong is getting scarier

Park Ki-woong is bringing out the satan in him.

On the thirty-ninth episode of the MBC drama "Monster - 2016", Do Gun-woo (Park Ki-woong) visited Byeon Il-jae (Jeong Bo-seok) in prison.

Do Gun-woo asked if killing his stepfather was once accidental.

"I concept 1may justeliminate the monster if I had a gun in my hand and I assumedI mayoffer coverage to my mom. It took me 10 years to get the gun and here is the day".

"If you were making plans on the usage of me to get to Dodo Group, I used to beemploying yous to take over it". Byeon Il-jae changed intosurprised at how meticulous the plan was.

Do Gun-woo even pretended to get stabbed to be sure Oh Soo-yeon (Seong Yoo-ri) have become his woman. He was stabbed by ability of men assumingly sent by Byeon Il-jae, yet information technologybecame out he had made a maintain Yang Dong-yi (Sin Seung-hwan) and made it appear to be his existence was in danger.

Do Gun-woo looked pitiful at first, even supposing slowly, he is turning up his claws.