"Fantastic" Joo Sang-wook, a sly fox

Stills of actor Joo Sang-wook starring in the recent JTBC drama "Fantastic" were released at the 9th.

Joo Sang-wook transforms into a bestfamous person named Ryu Hae-seong who is awful at acting. He is verygood-looking and is desirable in each and every way in spite of his deficient acting. His nicknames are 'Balcaprio', 'Robot Hae-seong' and such. However, his successalternatives him up on the waves of Hallyu and becomes a a success actor in China as well.

Joo Sang-wook in the photographs looks totally engrossed in himself. He'smindful of everybody around him at the gym and is so filled with himself. He's taking selfies of himself or even pretends to be stunned at his handsome looks.

Apparently Joo Sang-wook has given more than expectedup to nowand so much of are having a lookahead to the results.

Meanwhile, "Fantastic" will also benoticed on the 2d of September on JTBC.