“Oh! My Baby” Canceled Via SBS

“Oh! My Baby” Canceled Via SBS

Oh! My Little one Canceled By capacity of SBSJiwonYu August 8, 2016 0 Oh! My Baby Canceled By SBS The rangedisplay Oh! My Baby will soon be off the air.

On August 8, a source stated, It's beenshowed that SBSs Oh! My Baby can be canceled.

They continued, It's going to air its ultimate episode on August 20 and the follow-up program isn't yet decided.

SBS has been checking out out new kinddisplaysequivalent to Flower Workforce and My Unsightly Duckling, which were givenfive%and seven percent in viewership ratings respectively all through their pilot episodes.

There has therefore been a shift in SBSs variety programming and its now noticed as time for Oh! My Baby to come to an end.

Oh! My Baby first aired in January of 2014 and has gotten a huge number of love since its first episode.

Are you unhappyto look the prove go?

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