Netizens rave over Kang Sora’s proportions

Netizens rave over Kang Sora’s proportions

18kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter A Pann post made recently praising Kang Soras proportions has stuck much attention from netizens.

The post includes a series of shots of the fame in a jean one-piece that hugs her curves and displays off her golden proportions. Modelling casually in her stylish outfit, Kang Sora gained much compliment for her long legs and S-curve.

Netizens appeared to be in agreement that her legs did no longer eventidewantprime heels as they were long sufficient already. Others joked they'd to continously scroll down at thefootageso as to even achieve her feet.

Check out the photographs here:

54 / -3 Kang Soras legend photo used to be at the MAMA awards wow.. she without warningchanged into a bestsuperstar with a excellentframe hahahahahahahahaha photo

54 / -1 She has the maximum efficient body photo

40 / -1 Was a denim one piece such a sexy outfit before..?

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