Watch: “Boys24” Alternatives  Ultimate 24 And Crowns MVP Unit

Watch: “Boys24” Alternatives Ultimate 24 And Crowns MVP Unit

Watch: Boys24 ChoicesUltimate 24 And Crowns MVP Unitilmare42 August 6, 2016 0 Watch: Boys24 Picks Last 24 And Crowns MVP Unit Mnets boy team survival show Boys24 has selected its final lineup!

SpoilersAs the contestants final venture on August 6s episode of Boys24, the guys of every unit carry out new tracks that is also used as their functionality songs in the arrival year. Each one unit is given a rating for their performance, with target audience votes making up 70 % of the score, and skilled votes determining the remaining 30 percent.

In this episode, one unit can be eliminated, that willdecide the final twenty-four winners. In addition, one unit will take house the name of MVP.

The display starts off with all of the remaining contestants joining in combination for a performance of Emerging Star.

As the primary unit performers, Unit Red then takes the degree alongside Starlight to blow their own horns a lighter, brighter facetin comparison to their standardtough performances. Sadly, the experts experiencesdon't appear to be enthusiastic, and they simplyacquire 225 issues from them.

Unit White then plays the song Time Leap, which used to be composed through Sweetune. They are told that their outfits perceived to get in the mannerin their choreography, and that they didnt prove off their vocal talents. They receive 235 facets from the experts.

Unit Sky performs manufacturer Shin Hyuks Bop. Even supposing the track is described as being tough, theyre praised for their skillto drag it off. Adding their bonus points, the unit grabs 294 points.

Unit Yellow is next up and performs Yolo!, which capabilities rap lyrics that were written by BTOBs Minhyuk, and their performance gets the maximum productive reviews so far. Shinhwas Shin Hye Sung says, That didnt appear to bea last functioning on a survival show, it felt like I used to begazing a debut performance on a music show. I suspect this song is the one who has are compatible you lot guys the best. His comments bring member Jinsuk to tears!

Shin Hye Sung adds, When I see Unit Yellow, I recall to mind the length when Shinhwa become living in a dorm together. I truly like that theyre so full of life and are overflowing with beagle charms. Including their bonus points, Unit Yellow receives a score of 304.

Finally, Unit Green takes the stage to accomplish the hip hop track Sweet Shop, and theyre complimented by the mavens on their bright power and choreography. They take 284 points, striking them in 3rdposition after Unit Yellow and Unit Sky in the experts votes.

In the end, the contributors of Unit Yellow, Unit Sky, Unit White, and Unit Green are chosen as the overall 24 winners, with Unit Red being eliminated.

The final winners are (in no specific order): Doha, Youngdoo, Jaehyun, Haejun, Jinsub, Inho, Changmin, Yonghyun, Sangmin, Isaac, Hwayoung, Yongkwon, Woojin, Inpyo, Jihyung, Chanyi, Minhwan, San, Hochul, Jinsuk, Lowoon, Sunghwan, Hongin, and Jaemin.

Unit Yellow is crowned as the MVPs, receiving a two hundred million won (approximately $179,000) cheque to fund the recording of an album.

Although the demonstrate is now over, here is nowhere close to the finish of the contest for the guys! Beginning on September 22, the final 24 will acting in venues for the following year, sooner than the final six members of the gang volition be chosen and make their debut. The eventual community will be permanent, and no longertransient equally with I.O.I from Mnets old evidence Produce 101.

Who do you hope makes the final six and debuts as a new group?

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