Jessi Grants Her Father’s Needs On “Sister’s Slam Dunk”

Jessi Grants Her Father’s Needs On “Sister’s Slam Dunk”

Jessi Grants Her Fathers Needs On Sisters Slam Dunkleonid August 6, 2016 0 Jessi Grants Her Fathers Wishes On Sisters Slam Dunk At the August five episode of KBS2s Sisters Slam Dunk, Jessi is going on her dream circle of relativesholiday and fulfills the wishes of her father in return.

While on their vacation, Jessis oldstersdiscuss her getting married and come to a decisionthru a son-in-law international cup who they would likemaximum every bit a son-in-law. In the end, they recognize their daughters preference and make a choice actor Ha Jung Woo, who Jessi has frequently named as her ideal type.

The solid then attempt to trick Jessi into thinking that they brought Ha Jung Woo on the show. Because they secretly brought her fogeys over as well, Jessi just about believes the women and starts getting excited, yet soon bursts into laughter when she discovers it was once a prank.

Upon their go back from their vacation, her father confesses, I wasnt going to come, but I replaced my brain for my daughter. Jessi responds, Its been trulytoughthose days. Its the primary time Ive smiled during the hardship, and expresses her gratefulness to her parents.

Later, the unnies come over, hilariously wearinggarments and makeup in Jessis tasteto determine the wishes of her parents.

Her father shares, I wish todevour food readyby way of my daughter, cross on a pressure alongside her, watch her perform, and paintings out together.

To grant his requests, Jessi spends some by myself time with him while her mom hangs out with the alternative members.

Despite her clumsy cooking skills, the rapper serves kimchi fried rice for her father, who fortunately consumes the meal. The 2 then pay a talk over with to her agencys office, where Jessi conveys her emotions to her father with the song Remain by Rihanna.

Finally, the individuals and Jessis parents all join upto observe Dynamic Duos concert where she seems as a guest performer, granting the wish of her father to watch her carry out live. Jessi completes a excitingfunctionality with her trademark aura as her father watches proudly, seeing his daughter all grown up.

You can catch the most recent episode of Sisters Slam Dunk on Viki below!

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