Upcoming Korean documentary

Upcoming Korean documentary "Breathing Underwater"

Added the impending Korean documentary "Breathing Underwater"'s page to HanCinema database"Breathing Underwater" (2016)Directed by way of Go Hee-yeongSynopsisIn Jeju Province, situated off the southern coast of Korea, are the ladies of the sea, people whohang breath for life. Thosegirls nevertheless exist and they still dive the old way, without tanks. They go into the waters of 10- to 20-meter intensity to harvest seaweed and shellfish to make a living. They make a living in the similar sea, yeteach and every haenyeo's sea of existence is different. The network is divided into 3 tiers- Crew A, B and C, in keeping withabilities and capabilities. One's rank is decided by sum or breath. Sum, is pre-determined at birth. Therefore, sum is desired. However, the sea is harsh. Might you desire! But seek what isn't yours, the ocean will consume you. Life, for these women of the sea, is setpreserving one's breath, and containing and controlling one's desire. The movie is a six year list of the lives of the haenyeos in Udo, an islet in the province of Jeju, known to be the birthplace of haenyeo. This will also be a close glance into the lives that stand at the boundary of life and death.Release date in Korea : 2016/09