12 K-Pop Managers That may Make You Swoon

12 K-Pop Managers That may Make You Swoon

12 K-Pop Managers That would brand yous Swoonmayme22 August 4, 2016 0 12 K-Pop Managers That Will Make You Swoon If idols are tornadoes that sweep us off our feet and make our hearts flutter, managers are the rocks that staythose idols from utterly blowing away. From arranging their schedules to body-guarding, these managers paintingsin the back of the scenes to preserve your idols, well, your idols.

But sometimes, managers also aresimilarlyaccountableof creating U.S.A. feel faint! While excellent looks arent a requirement of being a manager, most of these managers are beautiful sah-woony! Check out our selections for the maximum up to date K-Pop managers below!

B1A4s manager, Kim Hwan DongNow not only a adorable guy, but a cute guy with puppies?

Girls Generations managerDoesnt he seem like G-Dragon with the ones sunglasses?

Honestly, what is SM feeding everyone? From the idols to the managers, they all glance so good!

SHINees manager, Gyeon ShikHis height 3

That rapport with Onew 3

Dalmatians (DMTN) manager, Han Yong JooWhen is he debuting?

Teen Tops manager, Yeon SeobDoesnt he seem to bea combination of actors Gong Yoo and Jang Hyuk (who is killing it in StunningBrainby capability of the way)?

IUs prince managerone swear these managers all appearance like actors.  He seems like Ji Sung in the imageunder (with IU)!

Super Juniors manager, Kim Jung HoonIf I hadnt known Large Junior this long, I might have idea their manager was once a member!

Seo In Guks manager, Move Shin WooFormerly VIXXs manager, Go Shin Woo even has his own fandom, called Moonlight!

BEASTs manager, Hong Jin TaekHong Jin Taek used to control 4minute prior to moving directly to BEAST. He roughly looks like 2PMs Taecyeon, right?

2PMs manager, Seon Jin CheolCute guys with glasses

Lee Seung Gis managerMe: I just booked an planeprice ticket to Korea.

Me: Well, my bias is in the militaryappropriate now, in an effort to see his manager.

Shinhwa Erics manager, Kim Bo GeunWhere do they get all these cute managers? (Asking for a friend)

Tiny Gs managerShe knows all their dances! Isnt she adorable?