Song Joong Ki’s Firm Addresses Reports About THAAD Affecting Casting

Song Joong Ki’s Firm Addresses Reports About THAAD Affecting Casting

Song Joong Kis Firm Addresses Reports About THAAD Affecting Castingkokoberry August 4, 2016 0 Song Joong Kis Agency Addresses Reports About THAAD Affecting Casting On August 5, Song Joong Kis Agency Blossom Entertainment addressed reports about the actor being suffering from THAAD (Terminal Prime Altitude Space Defense).

A source from the agency spoke with TelevisionDay-to-day and said, Its true that Song Joong Ki is receiving a number of casting provides for dramas and flicks in China. However, we've gotnow not discussed his appearance in any task yet. The sole project he has showed his casting for following Descendants of the Sun is the movie Battleship Island.'

Previously, Chinese media reported about how Song Joong Kis casting for a Chinese drama for one hundred million yuan (approximately $15 million) fell thrubecause of tensions surrounding the THAAD battle between South Korean and China.

The Blossom Entertainment source extra clarified, Here isthe primary time we've heard of that drama and the casting rate of a hundred million yuan. Song Joong Ki is latelythat specialize in his Korean film Battleship Island.'

THAAD is U.S Navy anti-ballistic missile device designed to shoot down ballistic missiles in their terminal phase. South Korea recently agreed to deploy THAAD to their country because of the counter North Koreas developing threats and use of ballistic missiles and nuclear testing. In reaction to this news, China has voiced its considerations about THAAD being deployed to South Korea due to its own national safety issues.

Furthermore, news about drama and casting cancellations for more than a few Chinese dramas due to the THAAD clash continue to be reported.

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