G-Dragon Humbly Discusses BIGBANG’s Impact On New Groups

G-Dragon Humbly Discusses BIGBANG’s Impact On New Groups

G-Dragon Humbly Discusses BIGBANGs Affect On New Teams boxclub August 4, 2016 0 G-Dragon Humbly Discusses BIGBANGs Influence On New Groups The talented participants of BIGBANG sat down to discuss their long-lasting profession as they commemorate their 10-year anniversary.

On August 4, they opened an exhibition called BIGBANG10 The Exhibition A to Z at S-Factory in Seoul that showcases their career from its members perspectives.

At the clickingconvention for their exhibition, G-Dragon shares, Actually, we’ve never ready an album thinking, What kind of influence must nosotros give?'

He continues, We just did what we needed to do and we were supported neatlyby capability ofthe ones around us and so thats why we think we were in a position to be get thus far successfully. Were proud and glad if our juniors see us and feel anything from us. When we were younger, we also looked at our seniors and concept That’s what a singer should always be. Frankly speaking, we glance at the those who are debuting now and think we willbe told something from them. If theres something to learn, we read information technology and if theres something bad, we fix it and we attempt to transform stronger.

BIGBANG10 The Exhibition A to Z will come with photos, videos, costumes, music, and other components from the group. It's going to take position from August five to October 30.

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