BIGBANG Answers Questions about  Army Enlistment Plans

BIGBANG Answers Questions about Army Enlistment Plans

BIGBANG Answers Questions onArmy Enlistment Plansnotclaira August 4, 2016 0 BIGBANG Answers Questions About Military Enlistment Plans On August 4, BIGBANG held a press convention for their special 10th anniversary exhibition.

At the conference, the gangused to be asked about their plans for military enlistment. G-Dragon had in the pastsaid that he needed to leave his so-called most sensible spot, and now he stated jokingly, I dont would like to get out anymore. I wish toremain here for a long time.

More seriously, he added, On each occasion our country calls us, smartly go. We dont know when or who it is going to be, so I wish todisplayother people the five-member BIGBANG for see you later as were allowed.

He continued, Well cross and do our responsibility well. Its the aftermath thats the problem. However, when that point arrives, we may well be older and featurereplaced our minds. Even ifwe can bein a position toat all times exist BIGBANG, we dont know what is going totake place when we get back from enlistment. Yetregardless of how long it takes, when I in finding my self assurance again, Sickfor sure reappear in front of the public eye again, right?

The exhibition will run till October 30. BIGBANG may also bemaintaining an anniversary concert on August 20.

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