GFRIEND’s Yuju Explains How She Broke Her Hand

GFRIEND’s Yuju Explains How She Broke Her Hand

GFRIENDs Yuju Explains How She Broke Her Handilmare42 August 4, 2016 0 GFRIENDs Yuju Explains How She Broke Her Hand After many of GFRIENDs lovers were worried when they saw Yuju latelydressed in a solid on her appropriate arm, Yuju has explained how she injured herself.

On August 4s episode of SBS Energy FMs 2 OClock Break out Cultwo Show, GFRIEND seems as a guest in conjunction with rapper Basick.

Naturally, the hosts ask Yuju how she ended up with a cast on her arm, and she explains that she fell off her bed. I aroused from sleep in the evening and it used to be too bloodless in the room, so I were given up to turn off the air conditioner. I fell, and broke my hand, she says with a laugh.

She adds, Thankfully, I still became off the air conditioner.

Host Kim Tae Gyun jokes, Your choice to turn off the air conditioner even if you broke your arm is actually amazing. Jung Chan Woo adds, You will have towereactually cold! as Yuju laughs.

Sowon also finds that Yuju has a tendencyto speak in her sleep a lot, and once even looked to betraining choreography in her sleep because she unexpectedly yelled out, Put powerall of the way into your fingertips!

She adds that Yuju also cries in her sleep, and Yuju says it’s true. Yuju cracks everybody up when she admits, One day I dreamt that my mother had changed into a tomato, and I cried.

As all people is in general crying with laughter themselves, the hosts ask her, Turned into her head a tomato, or was she completely a tomato? Yuju clarifies, She was a tomato!

When asked how she knew it was her mom then, she replies, She smelled like my mom. Any personcan have known it was my mom, yet she was a tomato, sending everyone into some other wave of laughter.

GFRIEND maximum recently grabbed their 10thtrack show win for their latest track Navillera on M!Countdown.

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