Spoiler "Wanted" Lee Moon-sik cries at the sound of Lee Jae-gyoon's death

Lee Moon-sik went loopy at the sound of Lee Jae-gyoon's death.

On the 13th episode of the SBS drama "Wanted", Choi Joon-goo (Lee Moon-sik) wailed in sorrow.

Jo Nam-cheol known Choi Joon-goo and threatened him. Chi Joon-goo told Na Soo-hyeon (Lee Jae-gyoon) this.

Soo-hyeon stated he could not bring out Jo Nam-cheol and returned to the waiting room to kill him. He then told Choi Joon-goo that he deserved to die and that it wasn't not easy to make the police come after him.

Choi Joon-goo regretted getting him concernedyet Na Soo-hyeon was hopingto look the finish of Choi Joon-goo's plan.

Then Choi Joon-goo heard that Na Soo-hyeon used to be killed via SG. He wailed in sorrow and made up our mindsto exploit the final step he had in mind.