Spoiler "W" Lee Jong-suk is going from hero to murderer

Will Lee Jong-suk be readyto move back to the web-toon world?

On the 5th episode of the MBC drama "W", Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) went to Oh Sung-mooo (Kim Ee-seong) and vented.

Kang Cheol discovered out that the arena he was once living in turned into a web-toon and stopped time. He overcame the wall of dimensions and got here out into reality. Then he was stunned at the web-toon which he was the big name of and learned that Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) was right.

Kang Cheol found Yeon-joo and admitted that the web-toon global had stopped and most effective he was capable of get out. "I did not know this was the truth". Yeon-joo told him she would transform his guardian, then Kang Cheol kissed her.

Kang Cheol went to the web-toon writer's house. He read the writer's magazine and felt at a loss for words once again. The area he lived in was a made-up world and realized that he'd been thrunot possible pain as a result of the writer's story. He also realized that Yeon-joo was Oh Seong-moo's daughter.

Seong-moo returned house at that moment and met Kang Cheol. They had a fight and Yeon-joo was listening on the phone. Then, it became out that it wasn't Yeon-joo whom Kang Cheol's unconsciousness held onto. It was Seong-moo. Kanc Cheol asked Seong-moo for help, yet Seong-moo only stabbed him further. However, Kang Cheol wasn't bleeding. That is how Yeon-joo didn't die from that gun shot.

Seong-moo made Kang Cheol to conquer his low self-esteem. He was the only real thing that Seong-moo may make do whatever he sought after to do. Seong-moo was at all times drinking or evenneeded to die but he could notthanks to Yeon-joo. He lived because of Yeon-joo. The relationship to the nature he created was Yeon-joo.

Seong-moo provoked Kang Cheol to shoot him pronouncing he wasn't able todedicatehomicide anyway. Kang Cheol told Seong-moo to attract the finishing like he to get started with planned. He felt that the ending mayturn out to bea regular one. However, there has been no culprit and Kang Cheol was confused.