MASC Finds Teasers For First Member Forward Of Debut

MASC Finds Teasers For First Member Forward Of Debut

MASC Unearths Teasers For First Member Forward Of Debutilmare42 August 3, 2016 0 MASC Exhibits Teasers For First Member Ahead Of Debut New boy crew MASC has printed their first teasers for their debut!

The neighborhoodused to beup to nowreferred to as MASK, which stood for Make A Good fortune And Kudos. Their call has now been replaced to MASC as a quicktype of Masculine.

MASC is composed of 4 members: Woosoo, ACE, 26, and Heejae. On August 2, the organizationoffered 26 via sharing a teaser symbol and video.

26 is the rapper of the group, who began out as a dancer and has worked as a choreographer. He has also studied broadcasting and directing at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, and either written and filmed many autonomous movies, in addition a music video for lady group Veloce.

It turns out that hes also were given some impressive acting talents, which he displays off in his teaser video. Watch it below!

MASCs first mini album Peculiarmay be released on August 19, both online and as a physical album.

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