BESTie’s UJi Unearths Why She Left EXID

BESTie’s UJi Unearths Why She Left EXID

BESTies UJi Unearths Why She Left EXIDchoralee August 3, 2016 0 BESTies UJi Displays Why She Left EXID On a contemporary episode of JTBCs Lady Spirit, UJi of BESTie talks about the negative comments that got here after she left EXID.

UJi explains what took place during EXIDs rookie days when the gangused to be lesser known announcing After selling amongst the crew for one month, I left the company. I used to bekeen onnow notchanging into a singer. I presumed that it becamenot possible for me. Which is why I left.

I have such so much of lingering emotions just about the past. I discovered IT then. That my preference to be a singer was sincere. Thats why I returned to that trail to debut as a singer, she continues.

UJi reveals that when EXID have become popular, other folks left her negative comments. Back then I was referred to as a backstabber. It was so difficult. I read the entire negative comments, UJi explains.

She continues to describe the locationby way of saying, Instead of feeling like I lost something, it was leaving the neighborhood that was so hard. I was in reality close with Hani, we were like family. I was so sorry to LE, Hani, and Junghwa. Now that theyre doing well, my middle feels at peace. I am hopingeverybody sees either EXID and BESTie as hard operating idols.

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