K-Indie Duo Dead Buttons Talks Music, Inspiration and KCON EXCLUSIVE

K-Indie Duo Dead Buttons Talks Music, Inspiration and KCON EXCLUSIVE

(Photo : Angie Turbines For KpopStarz)North America's biggestconference of "all things Hallyu," KCON 2016 backedby way of Toyota, wrapped up this beyond weekend in Los Angeles.

Boasting performances by one of the crucial industry's best stars, KCON 2016 L. a. attracted the eye of enthusiaststhe sector over. Yet idol teams and actors were notthe only real artists to make an appearance at this year's convention. Several of Korea's most neatly liked indie bands showed up to accomplishat the convention degree over the process the weekend. For rather a lot of of those bands, this will be the start fourth dimensionthey havecarried out at a traditioncorresponding to KCON. Among these, the indie rock duo, Dead Buttons, tops the list.

Advertisement Regardless of their irritating schedule, the duo, created from guitarist Hong Ji Hyun and drummer Lee Kang Hee, controlledto discover a moment to take a seat down and communicate alongside us about their music, their inspiration and their revel in at KCON 2016 LA.

KPZ: You'vethis type of wide number of sounds to yoursongit ispracticallyvery unlikely to describe your style. How would you describe yourself to somebody who hasn't heard your music before?

Ji Hyun:We've been encouraged by vintage rock and country music and punk rock, especially.

KPZ:Who are some of your favorites?

Ji Hyun:Personally, Johnny Cash. Musically, there is and much. I actually like a lot.

KPZ:Your sound could also be incredibly wealthy and a joy to pay attention and slightlyunforeseen for a duo. Let us knowa section or so your ingeniousprocedure when growing music.

Ji Hyun:Actually, we began out as 3 but if the bassist left, I attempted to fill the bass component but now days it does not matter. There isn't any limits.

KPZ:Are there sure artists who have inspired or impacted your work?

Ji Hyun:I was oncetrulyinterested by US garage rock scene. We are in the 3rd revival now. I have been really interested and inspired by that.

KPZ:Would you assert your sound is more very an identical to this taste or have you simply used this as inspiration to head off and do your own thing?

Ji Hyun: I am into numerous music, I watch so much of music videos, and I'm inspired by all of that but I do notwould like to exist that.

KPZ:When you started out as Dead Buttons, there were 3 of you but your bassist left...

Kang Hee:That came about on Korean independence day, actually.

KPZ:Oh really? That is kinda crazy!

KPZ:Most groups, when they lose a member, would either update that member or simplyutterly fall apart. You two did neither. As a substitute you lot scratched your whole old music and begantotally over. What inspired you to take such an atypical path?

Ji Hyun:After going via 2 other bassist, we were givenbeautifuluninterested infacing them so we just made up our minds to do without them.

KPZ:You currently wrapped up a 23-stop Ecuexcursion that integrated stops in the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, France and Spain. How became that? Do you have any favourite memories or reviewsyou wouldlove to share?

Ji Hyun:Primavera Sound, this isthe maximum efficient festival ever! Either the musicians and the target audience were the best. They were great.

KPZ:You've played at many of music fairs and such over the last few years and now you would possibly beon the point ofcarry out here at KCON, later today. As an indie band, did you ever see yourself functioning at a convention such as this? How has your expertise been so far?

Ji Hyun:This is our first time at a position like KCON. I don't really know what to name this but whatever it is, here is our first time at a K-Pop thing.

KPZ:Do you watched your time here will bring in more fans for you, will your appearance develop people's musical interests?

Ji Hyun:We don't know. We just play. We're just here for the music and to have a just right time.

KPZ:How has your journey been here so far?

Ji Hyun:This is my first time visiting the US. So I am goingloopy because tools are so reasonable here. It makes me mad! Or not it's cool though.

Ji Hyun:Yeah, it's too big. I like muchof yankee musicians, I used to be inspired to look them in their own country, so this is actually exciting.

(Photo : Dead Buttons Legitimate Facebook )Despite the truth the duo was a little unnerved by the choice of fans attending KCON this year, they did not let that prevent them from giving a stellar functionality this past weekend. To come up withan idea of what Dead Buttons is really like, make sureto try their video for "16-22" below!

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