Audi Korea remains  dependable to 'innocent' Lee Jin-wook

Audi Korea remains dependable to 'innocent' Lee Jin-wook

While Lee Jin-wook's rape accuser is ready to be charged with false accusations, the eye fell on Lee Jin-wook's advertisements.

Lotteria began marketing its AZ Burger with Lee Jin-wook as the model. However, once Lee Jin-wook's recognition started wavering on account of the 'rape case', Lotteria seized all commercials and posters in additionshop monitors featuring the actor.

Hyundai Apartment Care also stopped all ads featuring Lee Jin-wook. No longersimplest that, Black Yak and Samsonite also stopped appearingads amongst Lee Jin-wook in them.

On the alternative hand, Audi Korea stayed on its normaltrail and showed loyalty for Lee Jin-wook.