Spoiler "Beautiful Mind" Jang Hyeok and Park So-dam finish with a kiss

Jang Hyeok and Park So-dam ended with a kiss.

On the general episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Beautiful Mind", Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) and Gye Jin-seong (Park So-dam) finalized the emotionsthat they have got got for each and every other.

Yeong-oh told Jin-seong, "Don't put from your mind about how I take into accounts you loton each occasion ane breathe and what type ofan individualyou're in my heart". She asked, "How do you place self assurance in me?"

Yeong-oh kissed her and said, "You're convalescingquicker than I thought. Your respiring is stable".

"Beautiful Mind" ended on August second at episode fourteen.