HyunA Talks About Choice Of 4Minute Reunion

HyunA Talks About Choice Of 4Minute Reunion

HyunA Talks About Option Of 4Minute Reunionkokoberry August 2, 2016 0 HyunA Talks About Possibility Of 4Minute Reunion HyunA currently held an interview with Famous person News to talk about her solo comeback.

When asked about the prospect of a 4Minute reunion, she answered, I suspectit's going to existimaginable if there is an opportunity.

She continued, Even if 1 cant say yes immediately, I believe there is an opportunity for us to reunite after each and every member is able tosatisfy their particular person dreams.

The singer joked, Will fanatics still glance for us if we reunite when were too old?

Then HyunA is asked about whether or now not she helps to keepinvolved amongst 4Minute contributors and she reponded, Honestly, I may justslightlytouch them because I used to be doing my comeback album. I pay attention about them thru acquaintances. I know they are in my opinion preparing. I am hoping it doesnt seem like Im distancing them through not contacting them.

In some other interview, HyunA discusses the possibility of a Troublemaker comeback and said, I will notsupply any confirmation. Troublemaker was once a assignment that worked each time a song that are compatiblethe concept thatgot here in. Even though promotions plans haven't been made, I would love to advertiseby way of Troublemaker since I have a massive number of ambition for being on stage.

HyunA is currently selling her new mini-album Awesome.

HyunA - A'wesomeToughen the artist by purchasing HyunA - A'wesome from YesAsia Source (1) (2)

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