Spoiler "Monster - 2016" Jo Bo-ah kisses Kang Ji-hwan in front of Seong Yoo-ri

Jo Bo-ah kissed Kang Ji-hwan in front of Jo Bo-ah.

On the thirty-seventh episode of the MBC drama "Monster - 2016", Do Sin-yeong (Jo Bo-ah) kissed Kang Ki-tan (Kang Ji-hwan).

Do Sin-yeong saw Kang Ki-tan, Oh Soo-yeon (Seong Yoo-ri) and Do Gun-woo (Park Ki-woong) drinking in combination and joined them uninvited.

Do Sin-yeong was onceconscious about Oh Soo-yeon and whilst drinking, she told Kang Ki-tan, "Don't laugh at other women".

Kang Ki-tan scoffed at her and she kissed him. She then told Oh Soo-yeon, "He's mine. Do not flirt with him".

Kang Ki-tan told Oh Soo-yeon, "Don't brain her" yet Oh Soo-yeon could notassist but feel frustrated.