Cosmic Women To Upload I.O.I's Yoo Yeonjung As 13th Member

Cosmic Women To Upload I.O.I's Yoo Yeonjung As 13th Member

Cosmic Girls To Add I.O.Is Yoo Yeonjung As 13th Member(Photo : Starship Entertainment)Cosmic Girls will soon add some other member to their roster.

In a photo that Cosmic Girls posted on their reliable Instagram page, the caption text read, "The thirteenpeople volition comeback with a new look. Please stay rooting for us and supporting us."

In the photo, the 12 contributors of Cosmic Girls are sitting with Yoo Yeonjung, existing member of I.O.I. Even if she is a member of I.O.I, she will be able to still be in a position to advertise amongst whatever workforce her firmcomes to a decisionto position her in, very equivalent to how other I.O.I members have engaged in promotional activities in ladyteams at their respective agencies.

Advertisement Via their Instagram, Cosmic Girls have also uploaded a sequence of 13 teaser photos, one of every member, showcasing that member's authentic drawing point. The text in each one teaser reads, "#CosmicGirls #WSJN #COMINGSOON #13SECRETS #201608," hinting at the group's comeback in August.

Cosmic Girls debuted in February previous this year as a 12-member community with the song "Mo Mo Mo"

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