Black Crimson Confirms Debut Date With New Symbol Teaser

Black Crimson Confirms Debut Date With New Symbol Teaser

Black Pink Confirms Debut Date With New Image Teaser(Photo : YG Entertainment)YG Entertainment will soon shake up the K-pop international with their new lady group.

Black Pink's debut date has been showedby capability of YG to be Aug. 8.

According to an reliable YG press liberate on July 29, the firmwas once deciding between two dates, Aug. 1 and Aug. 8, to debut the group. However, they've now selectedthe general date as Aug. 8. In the click release, they also said that the gang is completing up arrangements for their debut.

AdvertisementIn the teaser images, the 4contributors of the staff are retaining their hands in a circle with their pinkies and index arms touching, with the text "Aug 8th 8 PM." From this, it looks as if Black Pink's debut track video can be released at 8 PM on Aug. 8.

Black Pink may be the first ladycommunity that YG has debuted in 7 years, ever since 2NE1 debuted in 2009. Out of limitless trainees during the last 6 years, four have transform members of Black Pink.

The reason whythey selected the call "Black Pink" is because they sought afterto specific pink as the prettiest color, yet besidesneededto turn that their looks don't appear to bethe complete thing and that there is more to them than meets the eye.

(Photo : YG Entertainment)

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