Spoiler "Doctors" Namgoong Min's fatherly love takes up various area regardless of little while frame

On the 13th episode of the SBS drama "Doctors", Namgoong Min made a unique appearance as a father looking after his ill sons.

Nam Ba-ram (Namgoong Min) is a startguy who ceaselessly delivers to Gookil Hospital. He has been raising two boys without a mother. One routine day, he asked the doctors about his son's condition.

"He's seven years old but if he walks, he waddles. Is that a problem? I have two sons. One's nine and one's seven".

Unfortunately, either his sons had problems. The explanation his 2d son kept smiling used to beno longer because he turned into cheerful, yet because his brain was malfunctioning. However, Nam Ba-ram could notfind the cash for to also have the MRI taken.

Namgoong Min expressed the sorrow of a father with his entire body. Despite the truth that he simplestgave the impression for a brief time, he stood out and showed a huge number offear for his sons.

While the primary son effectively made it thru surgery, the moment one one is still looking forward to his and there would possibly be a dark cloud over his head.