Fans spot the oldest EXO-L ever at contemporary concert

Fans spot the oldest EXO-L ever at contemporary concert

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs the years pass, fanatics of teams that debuted early are turning into older and older. However, fans of EXO currentlycame upon one fan that used to be older than the rest.

Mega-popular team EXO has been highly mentioned following their contemporary concert. Originally, the individuals teased member D.O. about his abdomenwhilst Baekhyun showed off his amazing frame for fans to see. Now notshort of to lose to Baekhyun, Chanyeol also followed and publicly displayed his abs for fans, using them loopy once again.

Next, fans went crazy over Baekhyun dressed as a lady in one of EXOs concert videos. Additionally, fans spotted that Baekhyun has a worthwhile reaction each time fans throw things at him on stage.

At EXOs recent concert, fans found that there were many celebrities in attendance, equivalent to the members of Red Velvet, ZE:As Kwanghee, veteran singer Bada, and more.

A recent post at the Korean network board Instiz titled, 70 year-old grandmother EXO-L got here to EXOs concert (with granddaughter), highlighted what maywere the oldest EXO-L in attendance at the concert. In the picture, the grandmother may also beobservedstatuscorrectalong other EXO-Ls or even raising her arm in conjunction with the crowd.

Netizens who saw the post expressed their marvel and amazement that EXO has fans like this as well.

Check out the photographs from the customary Korean post on Instiz below!

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