Spoiler "The Flower in Prison" Jin Se-yeon succeeds in Choi Tae-joon's secret mission

Jin Se-yeon and Choi Tae-joon's plan succeeded.

On the twenty-seventh episode of the MBC weekend drama "The Flower in Prison", Ok-nyeo (Jin Se-yeon) and Seong Ji-heon (Choi Tae-joon) shaped a secret plan to stand opposed to Jeong Nan-jeong (Park Joo-mi).

Yoon Tae-won (Ko Soo) advised that the examiners brought their own papers for the exams. He planned on the usage of the tax to lend a hand Queen Moon-jeong (Kim Mi-Sook).

Ok-nyeo and Seong Ji-heon set out to make a plan to forestall Yoon Tae-won. Ok-nyeo ordered the costs of paper goods pass up. The payment of the mulberry trees went up yet Yoon Tae-won kept purchasing them in pronouncing he can build upcosts later and sell them to examiners.

When Ok-nyeo discovered out that the trees were sold, she determinednow notto hang the examinations and met with Myeong-jong (Seo Ha-joon) and said, "If the tests are held then the folks will mustcombat amongst money".

Myeong-jong cancelled the exams the following day. Yoon Won-hyeong asked him to reassess but Myeong-jong used to becompany about his decision.

Queen Moon-jeong also asked Myeong-jong to think back but he did not give in.