Netizens speak about idols that were their agency’s secret weapons

Netizens speak about idols that were their agency’s secret weapons

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the inflow of solo artists and teams in the Korean track industry, it's farnot easy for a newly debuted workforce to gain national popularity.

However, there are some idols that were their agencys secret weapon, which means that they temporarily made a call for themselves via singing, acting, or sort shows, skyrocketing either themselves and their groups to mega-popularity. Other times, corporations designate sureindividuals to be the visuals or the face of the group, reminiscent of BTS member V and SEVENTEENs Mingyu.

Netizens lately discussed which idols have compatibility this category by way of a post at the Korean network board web page Pann by the identify of, Trainees that were their agencys debut secret weapon. The customary poster named BTS member V, BTOB members Lee Changseob and Yook Sungjae, Red Velvets Joy, and Lovelyzs Kei, Ryu Soojung, and Jung Yein as idols that were their agencys secret weapons.

BTOB member Lee Changseob is understood for his authentic personality in addition his vocals, whilst Yook Sungjae made a name for himself by collaborating in Deffcon and Jung Hyung Dons taskneighborhoodLarge Byung as neatly every bit staring on MBCs We Were given Married with Red Velvets Joy. Joy is famous for her bright personality and beauty, while the members of Lovelyz are known for their impeccable vocals and visuals.

Overall, netizens who saw the post left comments agreeing with the original list and also equipped overwhelming enhancefor women Generations Yoona, Sooyoung, and BTS member Taehyung to be added to the list of agencies secret weapons.

Which idols do you have confidence you studied deserve to be in this list?

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