Spoiler "Five Children" Sin Hye-seon makes a decision to marry Seong Hoon

Sin Hye-seon made up our minds to get married at last.

On the forty-eighth episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children", Lee Yeon-tae (Sin Hye-seon) agreed to marry Kim Seong-min (Seong Hoon).

They were on a date at night. Kim Seong-min said, "Let's take some other walk round the park" because he did notneed her to headhouse yet.

Lee Yeon-tae said, "I idea about it and I suspect there are merits to getting married. We do now not need to phase after dates like this and we will run acrosseach and every other in the morning. We can see one another at evening too. We do not have to lookoutdoor so it save cash and I do now not believe we mustput offthe marriage anymore".

Kim Seong-min yelled for joy and time and again kissed her. She blushed and attemptedto prevent him yet she was once all smiles, too.

Lee Yeon-tae hadn't been too prepared about the speculationof having married. In the end, she made a decision that she enjoyed Kim Seong-min adequate to marry him.