“2 Days & 1 Night” PD Bids Good-bye To The Show

“2 Days & 1 Night” PD Bids Good-bye To The Show

2 Days 1 Evening PD Bids Good-bye To The Display leonid July 31, 2016 0 2 Days 1 Night PD Bids Goodbye To The Show Generating director Yoo Ho Jin has given his ultimate farewell to KBS2s 2 Days 1 Night.

The solid explores the outside for the presentations summer holiday episode on July 31.

To mark Yoo Ho Jins very last day of filming, the cast urges the producing director to percentage some last words.

He states, I had a fantastic time spending the vacation here. All this time I have won more credits for my skill than I deserve. Now that two years and six months have gone, I presumedit is going to exist well for the show to be supported viaany personmore recent and with more energy, as he passes the baton to producing director Yoo Il Yong upon his exit.

He continues, I believeI could bein a position to entrust you to Yoo Il Yong from now on and and go. You will have many worries as you are taking over, so Im sorry and thankful. Paintingsdifficult to care for this good atmosphere, sooner than he obeys the egging of the individuals to dive into the water with them.

Yoo Il Yong also speaks up, saying, I may neatly be immature because Im no longer experienced, yetI'm hoping you lotstay smiling even if Im lacking.

Watch the newest episode of 2 Days 1 Night below!

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