Korea Has Worst Social Protection  Internet Among Wealthy Countries

Korea Has Worst Social Protection Internet Among Wealthy Countries

Korea lags in the back of all other participants of the OECD on the topic of its social protection net. The National MeetingStudiesProvider analyzed social concordsigns in the OECD, and Korea scored in particular poorly in the class of social network support. The category is in keeping withthe percentage of those thatstated yes when asked if they've friends, members of the family or colleagues to depend upon in times of need. The findings come from a Gallup ballot of 1,000 people.Only some 72.4 % of Koreans said they've gotanyone to depend on, down seven percentage issues between 2009 and 2014 and the lowest among 34 OECD nations, Brazil and Russia.

Switzerland ranked best alongside 95.8 percent, followed via Denmark (95 percent), Germany (93.6 percent) and Australia (92 percent), whilst the U.S. (90 percent) and Japan (88.5 percent) upper than the OECD reasonable of 88 percent. The OECD said a loss oftoughen from peers results in a "huge deterioration in the quality of lives", while it's milesmore straightforwardto discover jobs in countries with a sturdy social network and folks in the ones countries have a tendency to be healthier. Prof. Chang Duk-jin at Seoul National University said, "The adage that Koreans are warm individuals is a thing of the past. The conventionalhelpgadget has collapsed and thosewill have tocare for their problems on my own now".Overall Korea scored five out of 10 at the index, neatlyunderneath the average of six points. The index is the average ranking in 11 categories like social network support, education, activity availability and private safety. Korea scored fairlyprime in schooling (eight points), jobs (7.7 points) and privatesecurity (7.6 points), yet low on work-life balance (five points), delight with lifestyles (3.3 points) and social network support (a dismal 0.2 point). At the pinnacle were Norway (eight points), Denmark (7.9), Switzerland (7.8) and Sweden (7.7), and at the ground Chile (4.5 points), Turkey (3.8 points) and Mexico (3.4 points).