EXID’s Hani Disproves Plastic Surgical treatment With Unquestionable Evidence

EXID’s Hani Disproves Plastic Surgical treatment With Unquestionable Evidence

EXIDs Hani Disproves Plastic Surgical treatment amongst Unquestionable Evidencekminjungee July 31, 2016 0 EXIDs Hani Disproves Plastic Surgery With Unquestionable Evidence At the July 31 broadcast of MBCs Segment TV, a panel of newshounds looks back on how EXIDs Hani proved that she didnt have plastic surgery via drastic measures.

While she was once a guest on a other show, the womancrew member mentioned how folks would say, Its evident she had her nose done, or even, Shes a plastic surgery monster.

In order to disprove all of the rumors, she ready her beyondpicturesin addition CT scans. Provide at the time, ZE:As Kwanghee, known for his own history of plastic surgery, confirms that if Hani had anything else done, especially on her nose, it willdisplay up as extraordinary white lines on the CT scans.

Evidently, no such lines seem on Hanis CT scans, and her adolescence photos supplyan extraquantity of proof.

The reporters remark, While you compare her present self with her past photos, you'll be in a position to tell in an instant that shes had no paintings done, and how its difficult for celebrities who shouldmove to those lengths to disprove such rumors.

Hopefully these false plastic surgery rumors wont hassle Hani any longer.

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