Korean Branding Skilled  Selections  Best possible And Worst K-Pop Idol Team Names

Korean Branding Skilled Selections Best possible And Worst K-Pop Idol Team Names

Korean Branding SkilledSelectionsHighest And Worst K-Pop Idol Workforce Namesjun2yng July 30, 2016 0 Korean Branding Expert Picks Most efficient And Worst K-Pop Idol Organization Names You can’t have a branding/naming expert on a Korean kinddisplay and now not ask this question: which may bethe most efficient and worst idol group names? We willno doubt all call to mind a couple that we think are questionable.

On the July 30 episode of MBC’s “My Little Television,” Korean naming expert Park Jae Hyun explained which idol group names are just right examples to follow, and which are not.

For the most effective group names, Park Jae Hyun picked TWICE and EXO. He said, “The pronunciation has punch, and it’s a laugh to hear. Moreover, “twice” isn’t necessarily a observe that we know, nor is it a word that we don’t know. Some of these things pique people’s curiosity.” Speaking about EXO, the expert said, “The word ‘EXO’ has emblemenergy in the ease of pronunciation.”

On the opposite hand, in keeping with Park Jae Hyun, group names like A.O.A and I.O.I don't appear to be as effective, because whilstthey will accept meaning, they lack association. 

Girls’ Generation used to be also put below the microscope. Park Jae Hyun said, “I don’t know what their aimbecome at the time, yetas an alternative of picking a call that gives people the sensation of anticipation, they picked a name that’s too straightforward.”

gugudan offersa tender vibe, which is ok for the group’s target audience, stated Park Jae Hyun, especially for the explanation that cite elicits curiosity. Meanwhile, C.I.V.A is an example of what not to do: “As somebody who works in education, I wish names like this wouldn’t be made,” said Park Jae Hyun.

Giving suggestion for what type of names he’d love to see, Park Jae Hyun discussed BTS: “I needfolksto exploit words that aren’t regularly used each and every day. There’s a collection called BTS. The word “bangtan” (bulletproof) is truthfully not anything nosotros say a lot.” Park Jae Hyun then praised the use of the unusual discussionat the aspect of a double meaning.

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