4minute’s Kwon Sohyun

4minute’s Kwon Sohyun

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A couple of weeks ago, it was once announced via Cube Entertainment that 4Minute would be disbanding as the participants (except for Hyuna) did now not renew their contracts.

Shortly after the announcement, entertainment industry mavens gave their mind about the teams forced disbandment. The members of 4Minute stuckthe eye of enthusiasts by unfollowing Hyuna on Instagram. Others were angry at Hyunas movements on 4Minutes fan cafe.

While the members of 4Minute haven't been spotted currentlyand feature stayed out of the media for the maximum part, netizens came upon what member Sohyun has been doing since 4Minutes disbandment. A contemporary postal serviceat the Korean networkweb site Pann titled, Recent condition of Kwon Sohyun after 4Minutes disbandment, main points what Sohyun has been up to, the use ofa chain of photos.

Many of the footage feature Sohyun dressed in light, herbal make-up, smiling and having a look happy. She may also benoticed spending her time baking, in addition traveling and fidgeting with a puppy.

Check out the images from the customary Korean post below:

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