CNBLUE’s Kang Minhyuk Effectively Wraps Up 1st Jap Fanmeeting

CNBLUE’s Kang Minhyuk Effectively Wraps Up 1st Jap Fanmeeting

CNBLUEs Kang Minhyuk Effectively Wraps Up 1st Jap Fanmeetingkminjungee July 30, 2016 0 CNBLUEs Kang Minhyuk Successfully Wraps Up 1st Japanese Fanmeeting CNBLUEs Kang Minhyuk currently greeted his Japanese lovers up close and personally!

On July 30, his firm FNC Entertainment printedpictures from the fanmeeting, which used to behung on July 28 in Tokyo.

Kang Minhyuk in truth held two other sessions at the same day, with the auditorium being finished packed right througheither sessions, indicating his status every bit a hallyu star.

The drummer of CNBLUE proficient fans with no longer one, yet two making a song performances of Star from MBCs Heartstrings and You'll Cry from SBSs Entertainer. He also interacted with the fans through feeding some fortunate participants some of an omelette he specially made himself, and by gamblingmore than a few games.

Kang Minhyuk also talked in detail about his life, appearingphotographs from his adolescence and reminiscing about CNBLUEs time spent in Japan as an indie band earlier than their reputable Korean debut.

Meanwhile, Kang Minhyuk is currently one of the vital MCs for KBS 2TVs Track Bank.

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