Fans cross  loopy at the sight of EXO’s Baekhyun dressed as a girl

Fans cross loopy at the sight of EXO’s Baekhyun dressed as a girl

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter All overa up to date concert, fanatics were shockedto peer what EXO member Baekhyun seems like when dressed as a girl.

SM Entertainment boy workforce EXO lately made their comeback with their 3rd album EXACT, and dual name tracks Monster and Fortunate One. Their comeback garnered much success, as they once back demonstrated their reputationthrough the immense selection of physical copies sold in their1/3 album, EXACT.

Recently, the crowd has been highly mentioned in Korean online communities, from the individuals teasing D.O. to Baekhyuns reaction to fans throwing things at him on stage. Netizens even expressed their amazement about the prestige of Baekhyuns body.

At a contemporary concert, Baekhyun gave the impression in a video dressed as a girl. In a recent post at the Korean network board Instiz by the title of, Recent concert VCR male idol dressed as a feminine animated GIF, netizens expressed their marvel at how lovely Baekhyun looks even if dressed as a girl. After a couple of screencaps of the video featuring Baekhyun dressed as a girl, the common poster shared their disbelief that this is a similarperson who just showed off his abs to fans.

Overall, netizens expressed their surprise and mind or so how fairly Baekhyun is dressed as a girl.

Check out the translation of the original post from Instiz below:

B..Baekhee-ya(pupil earthquake)

For your information, these days this user showed his abs, thats right, him..

(Gasp-) Do you want to have to dance ㅅ ?

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