Park Myung Soo Sends Jung Hyung Don A different Shout-Out

Park Myung Soo Sends Jung Hyung Don A different Shout-Out

Park Myung Soo Sends Jung Hyung Don A unique Shout-Outleonid July 29, 2016 0 Park Myung Soo Sends Jung Hyung Don A Special Shout-Out Park Myung Soo plays Jung Hyung Dons song to near his radio display and sends out a message for his EndlessSubject colleague.

On the July 29, the host closed the broadcast of KBSs Park Myung Soos Radio Prove alongsideSuperb Barn, a music Jung Hyung Don and band Hyukoh collaborated with for MBCs Infinite Project Music Festival in 2015.

During the radio show, Park Myung Soo stated, This last song is a meaningful one, and sent out a shoutout to his friend saying, I'm hoping that you recover and the day you'll be in a position topop out smiling arrives soon.

Jung Hyung Don went on an indefinite hiatus from all his tvmethods in November 2015 to obtainremedy for his anxiety disorder.

However, FNC Entertainment announced on July 29 that the comic is officially leaving his post as a mountedsolid member of Infinite Challenge because of his fitness problems. This comes after he officially dropped out of JTBCs Please Cope with My Refrigerator in January.

The firm explained, Infinite Challenge specifically puts much stress and power on Jung Hyung Don who is still doubtful if he can get back on broadcast, and burdens him to conquer the anxiety that might be able to all the same worsen. Taking into consideration these, he has made up our minds to hand over the show officially.

We hope for the maximum productive for Infinite Challenge and Jung Hyung Dons health.

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