Drama Review 'W' Episode 4

Drama Review 'W' Episode 4

One of the standards that makes Cheol any suchattention-grabbing protagonist is that he's legitimately actually smart. Even if the guy's a persona in a genre mystery comic, Cheol thinks like a realgenuine person. When loopyatypical contrivances jump out of nowhere for the sole obviousreason of killing him, Cheol simply notes that there isn't any such thing as coincidence. And he is right, even if the genuinesolutionis way stranger than Cheol may have ever most likely imagined.

Or any individual else for that matter. Let's glance at So-hee (played byEugene Jung). She breaks ranks with Cheol here at the Yeon-joo factor less out of spite and more because her interpretation of the location is unquestionablyway more logical. Whilst Cheol is ratherbloodless alongside So-hee, at the similar time he cannotactuallyprovide an explanation for why she's wrong, because Cheol's own incomplete theory is so utterly bonkers that So-hee would just think the strain of some of these attempted murders is getting to him.

Yet for all this Cheol is still willing to benefit from an unwanted scenarioto have a look at and bully Yeon-joo for answers. In short, Cheol is a shockingly complex character, and this is the reason why Yeon-joo's descriptions are as ironic as they are unbelievable. An individual says "comic e book character" and the picture that pops up to brain is anything very two-dimensional and simply defined. Yet over and over again Cheol defies Yeon-joo, the readers, or even his writerwith regards to unpredictable behavior.

AdvertisementCheol's complete world, for that matter, is so impossibly well-defined that it ischallengingto trulycall to mind IT as being a paintings of fiction. Study the sheer attention to detail in terms of character reasoning, politics, and logistics. Cheol's globalis solely as"Real"as Yeon-joo's, if no longer moreso taking into account how much we havenoticed of the 2 in relation to one another. Which one is the more manmade construction- where with goofy doctors or the only where the police are best mildly agitated with an glaringly uncooperative suspect?

But never intellect our reactions to this episode- how are the real world comedianlovers going to react to this? As the plot progresses and the comic world has to react to how Yeon-joo seems and disappears out of nowhere, the"W"comic has to talk about its own genre conventions in some waythat totally breaks suspension of disbelief. And the cliffhanger to this episode of the"W"drama is only going to place a more insane spin on it.