Spoiler 'W' The caricature protagonist hears the fact about his world

Spoiler 'W' The caricature protagonist hears the fact about his world

On the episode of MBC's Wednesday Thursday drama, "W", Oh Yeonjoo (Han Hyo-joo) told Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) the truth.

Oh Yeonjoo was once confined in a cellular at Seoul Detention Area for being a suspect of Kang Cheol attack case. Once Kang Cheol returned to Korea, he went to peer Oh Yeonjoo.

Kang Cheol asked Oh Yeonjoo, "Are you having difficult time?" and Oh Yeonjoo answered, "This is so ridiculous I can't convince myself. Here's and then unbelievable. I have never ideaI'dfinally finish up in a position like this. I am just a typical citizen". And then she began crying.

Kang Cheol remembered the time when he turned into confined in a solitary cell at a detention condominium in the past.

Kang Cheol told Oh Yeonjoo, "I wouldn't have any excuses to lend a hand you. You can exist investigated and put into trials for attempted homicide and unlawful staying and more. And your existence is ruined that way. They have got already made up our mindsyou are a criminal. They will make whatever it takes to prove they are right. We do notknow the waya long timeit would take though. Then, when the entirety ends, it is going to be hard for you to are living equally an recurring citizen any longer".

He asked her again, "So resolution my questions. I accept as true with what you told me is true. Therefore, answer my questions and disappear. Where are you from?"

Oh Yeonjoo said, "After I disappear, it wouldmotive a turmoil". Kang Cheol said, "I'll cope with it. This is the arena ane live". Oh Yeonjoo have become worried about him so she said, "You'll transform unhappy". Kang Cheol, "I do not think I'm that satisfied now either. I can't sleep neatly because I have no idea when I am going to get killed. You know this. Are you certainyou aregood enough to be confined here forever?"

When Oh Yeonjoo was asked where she lived, she answered, "In Seoul. I live there and you live here". Kang Cheol asked, "Then where did you know about me?" Oh Yeonjoo was silent for a while. Kang Cheol asked again, "What did you mean while youstatedthe area where you live?" Oh Yeonjoo ended up telling the truth, "It's within a cartoon. We are in a cartoon. And you are thecaricature protagonist".