Spoiler 'Wanted' Lee Jae-kyoon loses his existence  seeking to save Sim Eun-woo

Spoiler 'Wanted' Lee Jae-kyoon loses his existence seeking to save Sim Eun-woo

On the episode 11 of SBS drama "Wanted", Lee Jae-kyoo nlost his existence later all.

On this day, Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) took away Ji-eun (Sim Eun-woo) and concealed her by ability of faking blackout all the manner through a are living show.

When Hye-in and Seung-In found out that the unsolved case was onceassociated with SG Team and Ji-eun's father also worked for SB, she knew Ji-eun should have the clue.

Hye-in gained her 8th project asking her to punish Cho Pil-gyu, the attorney who turned intoanswerable for the case seven years ago.

However, the mission did now not say the rest about her Son Hyeon-woo's safely. Hye-in persuaded Ji-eun to mention where Hyeon-woo was kept. Yet Ji-eun didn't give the answer. When Hye-in ultimatelyacquired a video clip informing her Hyeon-woo was alive, she was relieved. The video had a voice belong to an unknown woman.

Ji-eun gave the guidelines about the deceased mother's secret location to Hye-in and also told her there must bethe info about father. At the moment, Jeong-ho (Park Hae-joon) charged into the place. Jeong-ho said, "Do you have confidence you lot studiedthere would possibly be anything I do not know about you". After Jeong-ho left, folks from SG Neighborhood showed up. And Hye-in and they chased after every other. At the moment, Han Soo-hyeon (Lee Jae-kyoo) seemed and fought with the folks from SG Group. At some point of the fight, he was stabbed with a knife.

When Seung-In discovered Soo-hyeon, he asked who did it. Soo-hyeon told the tale about how his young sibling was killed and Seung-In's sunbae also have been killed whilst investigating the homicide case. However, he breathed his remaining without being readyto assert the call of the criminal.