EXO To Make A Comeback With Repackaged “EX’ACT” Album

EXO To Make A Comeback With Repackaged “EX’ACT” Album

EXO To Make A Comeback With Repackaged Precise Albumchoralee July 27, 2016 0 EXO To Make A Comeback With Repackaged EXACT Album EXO is coming back with a repackaged album!

A source from SM Entertainment said, EXO is recentlymaking ready a repackaged album and aiming to liberate it in August.

Previous reports mentioned that EXO may bemaking a return on August 19 and should accept their first comeback functionalityviaTune Bank. However, SM Entertainment has clarified that particularmain pointsreferring to their comeback time table and music display performances have not begun to be determined.

Last month, EXO returned with their legit3rd album EX’ACT with double identify tracks Monster and Fortunate One. The album sold 76 million copies in Korea and China overall. If their repackaged album manages to sell over one hundred million copies, EXO will have 3 consecutive albums that crossed the million copies mark. Currently, they are acting for their 0.33 solo concert EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM in Seoul. The primary few concert days from July 22 to 24 accrued an target audience of 14,000  people.

EXO Vol. 3 - Ex'act yesasiaBeef up the artist by purchasing EX'ACT from YesAsia Source (1) (2)

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