Park Hae-jin donated 1.1 billion won over a span of 6 years

Park Hae-jin donated 1.1 billion won over a span of 6 years

It turns out actor Park Hae-jin has donated 1.1 billion won over a span of 6 years.

The quantity of donations he is given since 2011 is 1.1 billion won.

Park Hae-jin donated one hundred million won value of offers to the 2011 Jap earthquake sufferers and to the 2013 Gaepo-dong incident. He also donated to victims of the Saewol coincidence in 2014 and has also donated to the status quo of the children's rehabilitation hospital. He's also donated to the Guryong Village Middle for the elderly. He donated a hundred million won to the 2014 Busan Water victims.

He also donated 100 million won to like Tree in 2015 and all of the profits that got here out of his fan assembly in China final year to the Shanghai Welfare Center.

Park Hae-jin does all this on his own will. Here's his way of repaying back the affection he's getting from his fans. He also is going out for charity paintingseach once in a while.

The amount of his generosity has been publishedeach now and then. Other donations may now not bediscussed because he's done it out of the purity of his heart, says his management. Park Hae-jin will continue to make donations and the control volitionrelief him in it.

Meanwhile, Park Hae-jin debuted in 2006 with a drama and turned into popular. He persisted to famous person in other dramas like, "My Love from the Star", "Doctor Stranger" and "Bad Guys". He starred in "Cheese in the Trap" last January.

The actor is busy going from aspect to side Korea and China and he is going to star in the Chinese edition of "Cheese in the Trap".