Girl’s Day’s Minah Finds Which Rookie Lady  Teams Have Stuck Her Eye

Girl’s Day’s Minah Finds Which Rookie Lady Teams Have Stuck Her Eye

Girls Days Minah Finds Which Rookie WomanTeams acceptStuck Her Eyeboxclub July 26, 2016 0 Girls Days Minah Exhibits Which Rookie Girl Groups Have Caught Her Eye Girl’s Days Minah, who these days wrapped up her drama “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” on July 17, sat down to speak alongsidejournalists about the numerous rookie girl groups who have pop out in the song scene.

Minah inspiredaudience once back with her acting as the titular personality for the KBS weekend drama “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim.” She bravely threw away her symbol equallya ladycrew member and took at the office wholeheartedly, which ended inmany of usannouncing it used to be the role of her lifetime.

When asked what she concept about the woman groups who were debuting in the music industry, she answers, “First off, it’s just rightto peer how demanding they are working.”

She continues, “When I see them, I believe to myself, ‘We were like that prior to too.’ Of course, Girl’s Day is operating hard now too yet there’s anythingother about a rookie girl neighborhood and a womanorganization who has been in the industry for just about seven years.  Various from the rookie groups who just paintingshaving a lookimmediately ahead, I believe we’ve advanced our own tricks of the trade.”

She become then asked which girl groups have caught her eye recently and she replies, “There’s numerous groups who are lovely and are doing well. But the ones who have caught my eye recently are Two times and I.O.I. There has been also a time when our promotions overlapped with LABOUM and I presumed that they reminded me so muchpeople from before.”

Meanwhile, it's been reported that Girl’s Day is getting ready to make a comeback this fall.

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