Joo Jin-mo joins Choi Ji-woo for MBC's 'Woman with a Suitcase'

Joo Jin-mo joins Choi Ji-woo for MBC's 'Woman with a Suitcase'

Joo Jin-mo landed a leading role with "Woman with a Suitcase".

MBC has announced on July 26th, "Joo Jin-mo has been solid every bit the male lead for the coming near near Monday Tuesday special drama, "Woman with a Suitcase" also starring Choi Ji-woo".

"Woman with a Suitcase" is a criminal mystery romance drama about a lovely and talented woman, who works as an administrative center manager, makes her dream come true and also reveals her love after decades hardship, as she meets a man, who is an owner of a media with paparazzi tactics mostly. Joo Jin-mo will play Ham Bok-geo, the landlord of the paparazzi media, who has the entire detailed knowledge just about the figures in displayindustryin addition political and industrial circles. Choi Ji-woo will play Cha Geum-joo, the sexyworkplace manager.

While MBC has planned the 50 episode long dramas for Monday Tuesday drama airtime mostly, they would like tomake bigger their communiquevariety to more audience amongstthe recent 16 episode stylish miniseries this time.

"Woman with a Suitcase" has been scheduled to air in September taking up the airtime from the these days running 'Monster 2016'