“Beautiful Mind” Ratings Change into Dismal With Episode Reduction

“Beautiful Mind” Ratings Change into Dismal With Episode Reduction

Beautiful Brain Ratings Develop into Dismal With Episode Relief kokoberry July 26, 2016 0 Beautiful Mind Ratings Turned into Dismal With Episode Reduction KBS2s Stunning heed just cant appear to catch a break.

Following news of the dramas episode reduction, the ratings are proceeding to fall.

The July 25 episode of Pretty Mind gained 3.4 % ratings in step with ratings studiescorporate Nielsen Korea. Here'snot up to the ratings for the former episode.

Although the plot and romance is developing, the dramas finishing volitionmust be condensed into fewer episodes.

Meanwhile, SBSs Doctors got here in first with 19.2 percent ratings whilst MBCs Monster were given 10.7 percent ratings.

Beautiful Mind tells the tale of a genius neurosurgeon and how he deals with the unexpected deaths of his patients in addition his recovery thru love. The drama will finish next week with its 14th episode.

Check out the primary episode below!

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