Watch: “Show Me The cash 5” #Gun Releases MV Teaser For “BEEP”

Watch: “Show Me The cash 5” #Gun Releases MV Teaser For “BEEP”

Watch: Display Me The cashfive #Gun Releases MV Teaser For BEEPchoralee July 26, 2016 0 Watch: Show Me The Money 5 #Gun Releases MV Teaser For BEEP Show Me The Money 5 rapper #Gun released a teaser for his upcoming virtualunmarried BEEP.

The teaser used to be made public on Starship Entertainments SNS site, appearing a dreamlike aesthetic with sharp colours of red and blue, paired with an electronic hip-hip sound.

#Guns single and song video incorporates creativeinstructions from Ny and Seoul, with artist DOMCAKE and New York director INVIDIOUS. The paintingsambiancebecametruly freeing and so it allowed me to revel in working, DOMCAKE said. The music video is determined to unencumber July 29 with the track featuring The maximum importantSuperstar and produced via Giriboy.

#Gun won attention for his original sound thru his mixtape RELOAD, and was a contestant at thecontemporary Show Me The Money 5, where he made it to the semi-finals.

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