Oh My Lady  enthusiasts beg haters to forestall attacking them with insults

Oh My Lady enthusiasts beg haters to forestall attacking them with insults

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter many grievance posts, fanatics plead netizens to leave Oh My Girl alone.

As idol teams grow in popularity, naturally haters come swarming to have a look at and tear them down. Yet with Oh My Girl, fans just couldnt take a seat idle and watch. Fans got here running to the rescue to shield their ladies from the malicious comments and insults that were dropping rain from insensitive netizens. A post on Pann captured the events, titled: No But Please Leave Oh My Ladies Alone Hahaha.

Here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Please leave them Oh My Girls on my own hahahahaha You guys acknowledged you guys dont like them. Calling them Pann queens hahaha claiming that they'rehandiestdiscussed on Pann. But you guys are the onlyciting them. Taking pictures bad pictures and calling them unsightly isnt fair to blameless Oh My Girls individuals hahahaha

I cant noticethose haters. When you guys dont like them, why are you guys declaring them.. You guys are bipolar. It's milesa laugh criticizing them for no reason.. Leave them alone!

And because they are nice, the great posts are bobbing up Would bad posts come up? They are justbeginners and they havent been featured on many techniques but there are loads ofthose who criticize that Leave them alone!

Im going to slap that next individual that mention them as queens on Pann; As an alternative of dissing them, passglance at their tune video once more.

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83 / -5 I used to bestunned too haha I assumedother people were dissing them because of controversy.. But it was once because they were being praised on Pann hahahahahaha

69 / -5 Woah.. I changed intotrulystunned to individuals calling Yooa gruesome lol

64 / -7 I agree to this hahaha I idea information technology was because there were such so much of fans of them but it was literally attacking them in my opinion

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